Wednesday, June 13, 2012

173: Del Mar Recap

Excuse me, SDGE you've been here for almost a month. Won't haven't you finished yet? Will you not be satisfied until you've hit every house on this street? You've uproot my Grandma's precious poinsettia plants just to mess with the reader and uprooted the bushes in front of the house with something R2D2 could possibly hit on.

Jon and I went to Del Mar yesterday with the $4 tickets from Albertson's I previously told you about. I paid for parking, but 6+ lanes of cars smashing into one consistent lane to the parking lot was a different story. I got off work at 12pm, arrived at Jon's at 1pm (considering gas, helping a lost soul - I mean a nonSDSU student find her way to the Life Sciences building and pulling out money, and driving up to Mira Mesa), and got into the fair around 2pm.

 Since where we parked was close to Chicken Charlies (the world-famous frying place that did Butter last year), I got the Deep Fried Klondike Bar and Jon got the Deep Fried Kool Aid, which tasted like a donut hole covered in Kool Aid. We then proceeded to ride a roller coaster - which is a bit scarier than it appears despite no loops and twists but rather deep drops - and Magnum, the one where as the entire rides spinning turning in a circle, your seat is spinning and where Jon's necklace flew off in the process of being flipped upside down several times. We decided to go back another time to celebrate our anniversary since I'll be in LA at that time.

After the rides, Jon played some games and won me a tiny cheetah kicking a soccer ball wearing a South Africa FIFA World Tournament tShirt which we decided to call "Manchester"  while playing darts and a stuffed pirate duck which we decided to call "Delly" who is non-gendered and nonheteronormative therefore a queer duck named "Delly" ;P. In the midst of the fair, I fell in love with the Hello Kitty stuffed animals and the Pikachu backpacks we came across. :) Lastly, we visited the petting zoo where I decided to try my "Mark Walhberg Talks to Animals" impersonations to Jon's bemusement. Excited that this year I'll be going more times with Rahmaan and Jon, but I think we'll cut down on the fried food since i felt terrible last night going to bed with all of that oil in me. Well, that's all. Enjoy.

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