Sunday, June 17, 2012

177: Father's Day Oddities

  • My Dad ended up working today, so I was cleaning around the house
  • Cooked bisteak for the family. Meat was different then the usual and was tough, but the ultimate judge aka my Mom still gave it a stamp of approval.
  • Hours haven't been increasing due to budget cuts and lack of summer school classes from some community colleges. Really looking to Korvia and TEACH Applications because this year off from college isn't starting off as good as I hoped. 
  • Had a SVU marathon and I noticed that Andrew McCarthy was the rapist they were chasing in the episode. He was my favorite Brat Pack, especially as Blane in "Pretty in Pink" and Kevin from St. Elmo's Fire. Now that I've started recognizing him in other stuff like "The New Guy", I've noticed that he's playing a lot of jerks. 
  • Money problems. :(

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