Wednesday, June 20, 2012

180: Wednesday Oddities

Cowles Moutain: Hiking Trail Level 1

View of the Dam where mean and I did some thinking

The Turkey Leg 
The Turkey Avocado Sandwich

pretty intense ride...we liked it.

beginning stages of the round trip sky ride.
  • Maan and I went hiking an easier level hiking trail up in Cowles Mountain and then went to Del Mar with our $2. Had a lot more food with Rahmaan than Jon since a lot of the stuff that Rahmaan wanted to try had a limit of $10, so I got something in addition to what he wanted. Turkey Avocado sandwich, beer, Churro, and Neopolitan Cremepuff not to mention piecing off or halfing maan's Turkey Leg, Indian Cheesecake Custard Bread, and Cinnamon Bun sundae. We also rode Magnum - which was more fun since 'maan and I really wanted it to spin so it spun on it's own with our added manpower to the mix. Super dizzy. We also the rode pictured above, which is like a Ferris Wheel except that shit spins and your cage moves. There was a moment when I was holding onto the bars and I thought that it was okay, but the moment we went forward I grabbed onto 'maans arm and just screamed. There were two times where we got fully scared and that's when you're falling forwards and there's this sinking feeling in your stomach of...oh shit i'm going to die. but it's super fun. The remainder of our tickets went to the round trip sky ride. 
  • went to the general KAMP Meeting since last week's was cancelled. 

  • made it to turn 100 on Draw Something with my sister ;) Such an accomplishment
  • Dropped off more $2 tickets off at Angeli's house.
  • atm feeling super dizzy, maybe I'm still feeling the rides since I've been super active today. :)

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