Tuesday, June 19, 2012

179: Tuesday's Oddities

  • Realized "Sherlock" was only 3 episodes. Felt longer since each episode was a movie in itself. The season finale was action packed, more so than the first two eps but left on such a cliff hanger that I was super bummed that it was only 3 eps thus far on Netflix. 
  • Work as usual. Helped a bit on the Forbidden Room's decorations for Ratican's Going Away Party on Thursday in which I'm bringing pandesal. Not to mention the room reminds me of this video by Jet. 

  • Learned how to cook Rellenong Labos. Basically just cooked dinner for the family. :)

  • Ive been thinking about ways I can incorporate my black corset that although I intentionally purchased for the Las Vegas Birthday trip, wore for my last year's office group halloween. After searching on Chictopia, I found these looks I just absolutely loved. So Thursday after laundry and Ratican's Going Away party i'm going on the hunt for these along with a yellowish cardigan for my cousin's wedding on Sunday.

  • Hiking with Rahmaan tomorrow morning and the fair again

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