Monday, June 25, 2012

Late 184: Fritz and Amber's Wedding

  • It was my cousin Fritz's wedding yesterday at the US Grant Hotel Downtown. All I have to say is that the venue for the ceremony and reception were absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Fritz really knows how to plan something. It really was beautiful. It was really hard not to cry during both events just because you could feel the happiness emanating from both of them. It was the happiest of occasions just because you honestly knew how much they loved each other despite either not knowing them too well. 

Congratulations Fritz and Amber Garcia. :)

  • My Mom really wanted us to have photos taken of us so she rallied Marc for a pseudo-photographer/honorary Bruan. 
  • My default blue dress was a bit of a tight fit, so I quickly got together this outfit from Kandi's Charity Event on Friday. It's funny to think that I've gone clubbing in that outfit too. ;P But it really kicks my butt into more gear to loose weight since my default dress doesn't fit anymore.

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