Monday, June 25, 2012


  • I think I'm back on track with the blogging. Let's hope so. It'll be embarrassing to find myself at 367 posts at the end of this year. =/
  • I went to my physical this morning. I was happy to know that I didn't have to do the embarrassing [tmi] but rather just expressing my health concerns. For example the reason why I set up a physical for myself was because Scott is pre-hypertension. So the doctor revealed to me that because of my weight, I'm at risk of being in hypertension. Super discouraging news. Even more kick in the butt news to really get my weight super in check. Turns out the Fair was really of no help at all. =/ The Doctor told me that I need to lose at 10% of body fat equating to 22lbs with a Low Carb diet. I'm only 21 and I'm a candidate for High Blood Pressure. That sucks.
  • Then I found out that I barely passed my CBEST by 1 pt. 120/121. With health news, not passing the CBEST, as well as my money problems, this is how I felt 

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