Monday, July 2, 2012


Song of the Day: Peter Pan Complex - 자꾸만 눈이 마주쳐

  • Yeah, yeah it's in Korean. Yeah, I don't have a clue as to what in the world he's saying. But if there's one truth about music. It's universal and if you like how it makes you groove, feel, or what not why not enjoy it. When I first heard this song back in February, I was immediately reminded on The New Pornographer's "Sing Me Spanish Techno", maybe it's the electronic beats. But this is probably the first indie Korean song that I really liked. 
No makeup
versus with makeup
  • No makeup today. Makeup fanatics may cringe at that idea, but for me sometimes being without makeup can be a liberating kind feeling. 30minutes of more free time. Just pop on my moisturizer - just because I said no makeup doesn't mean I can skip on the skin care aspect. There was one thing I wanted to do when I got back into makeup three years ago, and that was not to feel as if I had to be one with the makeup I was wearing. Not to feel that I was disgusting and ugly without these products on. I remember being a teenager during one of my many attempts to get into makeup, foundation and all and when I saw how I looked without my makeup, I cringed inside. There was this assumed pale sickly shade that I associated with my real skin tone. I wanted the bottle to be my real skin tone. But that really shouldn't be it when it comes to makeup. So I step out into society and say, hey here are my flaws. Got a problem with them?

  • I made a fitness board on pinterest and I found this magazine article that was very interesting. I think this is from an Australian magazine since some of the ingredients from those recipes are only available in Australia.


  •  Got to the Gym around 4:50pm. I decided to walk to the gym from my car in PS1 across campus. Just so I could add an additional 13minute walk to and from the gym totaling 26 minutes of strides. Did elliptical for 35 minutes. Since friends was on, it was actually pretty helpful to have it on so the 30 minutes went by quickly. I found an ab machine and a torso toner. I tried to do 100 crunches on that machine and I think I need to up the weights on that machine. I consoled which I'm starting to find has the answer to everything like, "change exercises every 2-3 weeks and with regular exercise a deficit of 500 calories/day can lead to losing 1 lbs a week. ( )I think I need to up the challenge on those work outs. Total Body Challenge tomorrow at 1pm. EE! I think I'll try to go to Rohr Park tomorrow morning to go running and then head over to the gym early for some work outs and then the class.

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