Sunday, July 1, 2012

191: Something more Permanent

  • I apologize yet again, but this time is for the order of the posts. I forgot to post 189, so when I posted 190 I realized just then that 189 hadn't been posted yet despite being completed. So that's why posts go in the order of 190 then 189. Oy. 
  • Not much to say about today. I woke up around 6am like clockwork getting three hours of sleep  :( 
  • Ended up getting Jersey Mikes and Jamba Juice for Breakfast with Lily. Got some work done but since she was having some issues with her previous landlord we weren't able to get as much done as we would've liked. Besides...we kinda had heat coma going on. 
  • Song for the month of June has to be Joey Ryan's Permanent. I've been having dreams that after consulting dream dictionaries basically say to me that I am unhappy with my current living situation. I heard this song last week and everytime I hear it, I think...yeah...this is how I really feeling at the moment.

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