Saturday, July 7, 2012


Thea's Despedida
  • The tagging continues. I barely woke up to several e-mails discussing my tagging on Facebook. Oy. 
  • K-Pop - I haven't really been into it for two years and I've been listening to the same music I've originally downloaded. Finding a pattern amongst Korean media like Music and Television sucks a lot of the fun out of enjoying it. Auto tune, sex appeal, and wannabe rapping... it's just so...monotonous. Also I found out that one of the music groups that I actually like had a member that I liked leave. The group is called After School and last year Becca (one of the rappers)  left and recently the leader, Kahi and other rapper left. I think they only have two of the originals left in the group, but since those two were my favorites I just became over it. Also the new 2NE1 song had potential to capture me with the previews, but when I heard the entire song...I was just over it. Plus, there's something about them always changing their hair colors that just bother me. Dara has purple and red with that drab head shave thing that Cassie started. 

  • I haven't been doing much working out lately. Considering a gym membership elsewhere and closer to my house since 20 minute drives overcompensate a $19 membership. I'd join the 24 Hour Fitness no more than 10 minutes from my house but at an up front fee of $53 and $25/month...I might as well switch over. Or maybe I should invest in some exercise equipments.

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