Friday, July 6, 2012

196: A Despedida My Good Friend

I'm writing this early since after I get off of work, I'm heading up to Mira Mesa for Thea's Despedida (Going Away Party). She was given a teaching opportunity up in the Bay area and she's leaving sometime this month or beginning of August. So many people leaving, it's difficult to remember every since date to the T. What I can say about Thea, she's super smart (PhD candidate and all), super dedicated to the community (really spearheaded the Social Justice themed LP's in KAMP imo), and the one I find with over 200 photos from last nights club outing and 12 photos of my face tagged on Facebook i.e.

Thea's in the blue
To my left
I'll be heading over to help set up so...another blog that could've potentially been late. So HA!

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