Friday, July 13, 2012

202: SEPs

After weeks of planning, the first of the seven workshop series of KAMP's Summer Enrichment Program will begin tomorrow. 

Here is the Facebook Event Description

The Kuya-Ate Mentorship Program (KAMP) will be hosting a Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) every Saturday at 3:30 - 5PM. This series of workshops aim to share our lesson plans that we teach in the classroom, to the community. Such lesson plans include; Pre-Colonial Philippines and Baybayin, Four Waves of Immigration, and Filipino/Fil-Am Social Movements of the 20th Century.

Instead of all of the workshops being held at Kalasugan Community Services in National City like we originally stated, the classes will now alternate between ANSIR Innovation Center in Kearny Mesa on Convoy (between Pangea Bakery and Cafe Venti. It's second floor above Tea Garden) and KCS.

We're doing this so the workshops are also easily accessible for our students in our current sites up in Mira Mesa, Mt. Carmel, and Poway.

  • July 14, 2012: The Intro: Philippines With Love at Kalasugan Community Services (KCS)
  • July 21, 2012: Four Waves of Immigration at ANSIR Innovation Center
  • July 28, 2012: Representations of Filipin@s in War Media at Kalasugan Community Services
  • August 11, 2012: Movie: Fall of the I-Hotel at ANSIR Innovation Center
  • August 18, 2012: Fil-Am Social Movements of the 20th Century at Kalasugan Community Services (KCS)
  • August 25, 2012: Folktales at ANSIR Innovation Center
  • September 1, 2012: Movie: Generation Gaps Silent Sacrifices/The Debut at Kalasugan Community Services

ANSIR Innovation Center
4685 Convoy Street #210
San Diego, CA 92111

Kalasugan Community Services
1419 East 8th Street
National City, CA 91950

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