Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HAPPY 200!

-Things have just been insane in a way. Deciding where I want to go in life and ensuring that I still want to do the back ups of back ups; Teach Abroad in Korea, TEACH Program, and Credential Program. So here's the latest backup since I've been changing my mind a lot somewhat. But sometimes plans change. 
  • I still want to go to Korea. There's just experience there in education and teaching that I am unable to achieve at the moment. Honestly. I never experienced the Study Abroad Schpeal and this is something that I always wanted. Honestly and truly. My imagination is that I have little third graders and have them with pen pals at my local elementary school. It would be super cute so...why not!?
  • TEACH Program. This one may be half hearted but it's another opportunity to get into the teaching game without Grad School/Save money up for grad school. My ideal is to be sent off into LA and still have Regine to communicate with. Maybe even San Francisco and I'll be inspired to go to SFSU to learn about the English Program in Composition over there. I still have that in mind. I just hope I'm still passionate about it and will turn my Beauty in Literature paper into my Thesis. Hopefully. 
  • My last backup plan is definitely the Credential Program and that's what I've been dealing with for the last couple of days. It's always been SDSU. Going to SDSU's credential program. However I've been learning a lot about the USD Masters Graduate Cohort Program in Middle and High School Teacher's Credential Program. Sounds like a mouthful but the cool thing about this is that while you're attaining your credentials, you'll be receiving your Masters at the same time. That's opened up a possible three years free for me. The only real concern of mine when it comes this USD is really just the financial cost. Even though I got out of college without any outstanding debts, I just might have to now for Grad School. Grad school is also very persuading me in applying for this fall. The admission's officer has even stated that I may even need to defer for a year if I want to. It's tempting. Really tempting. 

-The first SEP out of seven workshops is Saturday and Lily and I are gearing up for the event. We're putting in paperwork, budgeting supplies and's a lot...maybe I shouldn't have my CSET on Saturday morning but I am. I should definitely put more time and dedication to the testing since my CBEST didn't go so well.

-I was supposed to go running and exercising with Rahmaan, but it turned out that Abbey needed her morning walk, so I opted the run for some workouts and watching Abbey pee over random spots in the park. 

- I met with Anne from USD's Admissions Office of School of Leadership and Educational Sciences to discuss more about the program. At the end, with all of the financial aide talk as well as the the prerequisite discussion. She made USD sound more and more tempting to get into. My Mom and Dad may find some interest in that school beyond the financial issues like the fact that it's a private Catholic School. Maybe I'll find some reacquainted faith. Who knows. But something about thinking about USD feels right. I never thought I'd be considering it, but I do and a part of me wants it. 

Some of my thoughts during 198/199:

  • So this is normal right? Post grad and to feel like you don't know what the fuck to do next. I feel like I should have put myself in order. Set myself in the next direction I felt my toes itching to head into. But I didn't. I wanted to have a break. I didn't want to stress myself out about GRE's, potentially fail my last semester, which I almost did besides the fact, and stress myself about the lack of funds I had accumulated for Grad School. Now, I'm scrapping at what I can potentially find for myself to become an educator like I want. I yearn to develop curriculums that develop competency within middle schools and elsewhere. Yet the most discouraging hill to get over in coming to my dreams is the amount of funds I'll lose in order to achieve it. I feel walled in despite looking for opportunities I've been assured are there.
  • Considering USD for the Single Subject Credential program. Last night I did a lot of research as to whether or not I could fulfill a prerequisite at USD. I ended up getting really interested in the program.
  • USD PLUS = MA and Single Subject Credential achieved at the same time, no need for GRE, no need for CSET, maybe I can move?
  • USD DELTA = Private School, No CalVet, Loans, 
  • SDSU PLUS = Single Subject Credential, CAL Vet, Maybe no Loans
  • SDSU DELTA = Prerequisites, CSET, No MA, Still at SDSU