Wednesday, July 25, 2012

214: Last week sucked by here's the low down.

  • Alright, I know I've been lagging on the posts lately and I apologize. Last week wasn't really going for me. The application to do Fall at Mesa was giving me a pain in the ass. It was sorted out and I don't have to register until next Monday. My prospective schedule now is Health for Teachers, Journal/Media Reporting, History through Asian American Perspective, and World Literature. I had to throw myself back into books somehow and it was the only one that suited my schedule and fancy. I see that I'll be here at SDSU a lot since I kinda loathe the facilities of Mesa. I hated it there two years ago, I kinda still do and really want to minimize the amount of times I go there per week. So twice isn't that bad. 
  • Since my last post indirectly was a memorium for David's one year. It was his one year. Another part of my shitty week was the direct insensitivity my Mom had towards my sister. There's no really nice way to say it. If I see this many years in the future, this is the honest truth towards those events. It's common knowledge that she lacks sensitivity towards anything and really something is a joke she takes it too seriously and we get yelled at for her lack of awareness. i.e when we mess around she says that San Diego can hear us. -__/) Anywho, with this past year my Mom hasn't failed to say something that knocks Michelle off edge when it comes to David. On Christmas Day she said that it looked like Abbey was waiting for David to come home, thus spiraling her into tears. Hypersensitivity doesn't have to be like Quantum Physics. So I tried to tell her that with his one year, don't say anything that will make Michelle upset. What does she do? Calls her right after I told her to be aware of what she says and yells at Michelle due to a ongoing fight about her phone. I will get into that another day but in short our Mom doesn't want a phone but she has one and doesn't answer it. Michelle called crying. Seriously, what did I just say!? Ugh. So for David's anniversary, Michelle and I planned to make a day that was all about her. Instead of sulking we go out. The original plan was to go to a day spa and makeup shopping. Within the last week it turned into Camera Ready Cosmetics, Panera Bread for lunch, Target to buy necessitates like Q-tips. We then went home to pick up Abbey and play with our goodies from Camera Ready Cosmetics, I bought a Z-Palette for myself and for Michelle and a Brush cleaner. We then went to the Dog park in El Cajon for the Shiba Meet up where we met other Shibas like Abbey hoping to find her a mate. It didn't go so well since Abbey is socially dog awkward and kept to myself and Michelle. Plus, the boy dogs humped other boy dogs or they were neutered. The day ended with salads for myself and Michelle at apparently now called O's American Kitchen previously known as Pat & Oscars or Oscars. It'll be Oscars to me. Wait...I lied...Michelle saw a Joanns Fabrics and we stopped by to see if they had Mason jars since Michelle wanted to make a lantern. That's where we ended the night.
  • BTW: Michelle has been on this crafty kick and I've been cooking a lot. We're sort of domestic now. 
  • Spent this past Monday with Jon. Service Engine light turned on in Mira Mesa and luckily I made it home amongst traffic. It's being towed to Autoport Saturday morning.
  • Hung out with Nicole, Louie, and Melissa played our makeshift Scattergories, Pesoy Dos, and talked about future graduation plans for themselves and post grad plans for myself. Also, Nicole invited me to their writing group. I've been doing poetry lately, but it doesn't hurt getting back into the fiction game.
Well that's the jist. Hopefully I'll post tomorrow :)

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