Monday, July 30, 2012


  • Last week really put me behind. SEP 3 was really the laziest week for Lily and myself. Budget lists and LP's weren't even submitted. Luckily Lily and I get the week off so we can regroup and get ready for our collaboration with FANHS. Might get a reporter there and actually act aPublic Relations Coordinator for once and not Website Manager. 
  • Registered. It was pretty stressful since my parents wanted me to get 12 units for the CalVet Waiver but since the bs I went through a couple of weeks ago just to register for Mesa placed me at a late registration and a lot of the classes that I wanted or I thought were interesting were already filled. I managed to get HEAL 101 Health & Lifestyle and HEAL 190 Health Education for Teachers which totally makes sense since I'm getting into education. 
  • Budgeting my life is tiring me out.
  • Service Engine light is still on. =/ What is new?

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