Friday, July 6, 2012

late 195 and Fourth of July

  • Abbey gnawed two bigger patches on her back. =/
  • Woke up at 10:30am since I got home around 2am after hanging with Rahmaan and Mary
  • Worked with Lily at Starbucks in National City working on the SEP from 12pm to 430pm. That's a good amount of work that was able to be completed. 
  • Did some more KAMP related stuff by developing the budget for two more of the workshops as well as emailing a shit load of people. 
  • Watched the entire first two series of The Inbetweeners with my sister as I modified more LPs, budget lists, and went on a picture taking spree for my Beauty Blog which is really behind when it comes to Favorite's blogs. 
  • Hung out with Rahmaan last night with Mary since Cassandra wasn't feeling well and bailed. Fourth of July was curious in terms of a lot of places since either the bar wasn't open or the bar was open yet the kitchen wasn't. Til Two and Studio Diner were closed but went to Nunu's in North Park/Downtown and Dupars in Point Loma. 
  • Hung out with Mary's boyfriend and his friend as well. 
  • Mary, Rahmaan, and I all had BJ shots. I got Mary and Rahmaan the first round, and Mary's BF got me the last BJ shot. Rahmaan's shot was courtesy of Michelle and myself. He's going to get us back somehow. :)

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