Monday, August 13, 2012

233: the oddities continue

  • My CSET scores came in. 210/220 - 220 is passing. Missed it by 10 points. :(
  • Ran into someone I used to date while doing deliveries at the bookstore for work. It turns out he works there and we work for the same company...just different departments. Now I'm not anticipating the next Christmas party. =/
  • Interrupted a job interview during another set of deliveries. While it doesn't sound so bad, in my head I was obnoxious and asking where the boxes that needed to be picked up were.
  • Bolton created this since my co-workers were bitching about deliveries again.

  • Fitness: Went to the gym with my Mom again, we've decided to make it a Monday/Friday thing. Ran into someone from high school who's going into the Navy. Did a lot more on the bicycle this time as well as the machine room for the first time in awhile. 
  • Weight loss update 5lbs!!! it's a slow process but I'm proud of each one that I find disappeared. :)

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