Sunday, August 26, 2012

248: Cleaning out Closets

  • Jam of the Day - Matchbox 20 - The Real World

I've been listening to my Spin Doctors Channel on Pandora at work a lot lately and this song just managed to pump me up after a lot of cleaning. :) Fun Fact: I used to confuse Rob Thomas and Joshua Jackson a lot. Why? I don't know. I see the clear difference now, but then...they kinda have some of the same features. 
  • I did a lot of cleaning and reorganizing this weekend. First I reorganized my closet to put the little  bags that I had somehow been collecting, tote bags, and other random stuff into a 3-drawer Sterilte container. Finally put into a bag of clothes I just don't wear and fit in at all! That took several hours. 
  • Today, I finally managed to go through my house clothes and books and see what I don't wear or plan on reading anytime soon. I have a lot of new room in my House Clothes drawer and I was able to put away a lot of books in my shelves. I also realized that I had procured quite a collection of graphic novels despite studying English. I also found a pattern of 20th century novels as well as recently published books. I've decided to try to sell close to 10 books. 

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