Thursday, August 30, 2012

252: Throwback Jam of the Day - Fastball's The Way

Fastball - The Way (1997)

  • Love the over saturation of colors that scream NINETIES! I've been listening to a Spin Doctors/Goo Goo Dolls Pandora station and all of these great songs have just been coming back to me. I've mostly been listening to this channel whenever I'm doing readings for my HEALTH classes or taking notes from the Powerpoint slides. BTW i'm a little bitter that I have a test on Friday. I'm stuck in the 90's.
  • Went to B-'s new apartment three times before he moved to Santa Monica today. Caught up with True Blood and oh my gosh it was insane. Cliffhanger galore.
  • Hours are starting to decrease at Montezuma and my hours at Aztec Ticket Office are about to start. I'm excited. 
  • KAMP meeting last night and we developed an outline of nine lps for the school year. It was a work meeting and a productive one. 
  • Before the meeting was able to get a lot of reading and outlining done for my HEALTH 101/190 classes since I have a that test.
  • Almost hurt myself at the gym today because I was laughing so hard during Boy Meets World. Cory was apologizing to his Dad through singing Wind Beneath My Wings. Lost my balance from laughing so hard. Kk! 

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