Saturday, October 6, 2012


  • FilAmFest. Taught some people how to write in Baybayin and wrote our name on a board. Had a comment about how I can't speak tagalog but I can write the script. Yeah, funny ain't it. But not knowing the language of my heritage doesn't make me less so. Shows how much of division there is within a culture when a group doesn't accept one for inability to do one thing. Not all American-born Italian's know Italian and neither do those of French or possibly those with a Native American background. 
  • Saw Jon's parents. His Mom always waves so enthusiastically at me. 
  • Work. Meh.
  • Gas is up to 4.65 avg but I saw as high as 4.85. My poor soul. I don't think I'll have enough gas for the week. :/ Paycheck come soon. kthx

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