Monday, October 8, 2012

HAPPY 300!!!

  • Wow that just means that 66 more days until the end of the year and that really puts things into perspective here. My birthday is coming up in less than two weeks, Abbey may have puppies in seven weeks and I need to get started on XMas shopping PRONTO. Hopefully this time, Xmas won't be a big pain in my ass this year and hopefully I budgeted more than enough since my friends are expensive. 
  • Went to Huli's Mom's house yesterday for her Grandparent's prayer. It was the first time I saw her since David's memorial and it was nice seeing her again despite us being both so tired and me having to indulge in wine. DIONYSIS!!!
  • After the prayer I dropped by Jon's Uncle's house since it was his Mom's birthday. I saw her at FilAmFest and it was another drop by. Couldn't stay too long and I was home by 11PM. 
  • HEALTH 190 is almost over and I'm kinda whatever with the grade I get. I didn't really like how I would post stuff and not get credit. I did my time, why am I still taking classes? GRR!!! Well if I end up taking classes in the Spring, I hope they're Child Development. 
  • Currently doing stuff for myself at Starbucks and waiting for Jon to get out of the FilAmFest debrief meeting down here. :) Let's get some work done shall we. :)

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