Wednesday, October 31, 2012

322: Wizard of Oz Office and more Halloween

As I may have stated before, Montezuma decided that this year we were going to be The Wizard of Oz for Halloween. I'm still waiting to see if we're going to win for group costume since the office is still bitter about losing to Toxic Crayons last year and ruining our streak.  

I was one of the Lollipop Guild. 

I'm the one all the way on the right. Kevin was the one all the way on the left and Haley was the one in the middle. I was kinda gangstered out with the high socks. I ended up also saving a lot of money since I was just using Jon's shirt and I used my all black Reeboks and my old Field Hockey socks.

Since I was doing some of the office's makeup, Robyn asked me if I could give her some wrinkles since she was Auntie Em.

Lia as the Wicked Witch of the West

Sara as the "Cowardly" Lion. I just used her brown eyeliner to fill in her nose, give her dots for whiskers and her liquid eyeliner for her cat eye.

You have to give it to Andrew for being very into his Halloween costume as the Scarecrow. He was even asking if I could cut up some of that material and using Spirit Gum so it could stick to his face. 

A better picture of us without the sun in our eyes but without Kevin. Props to Lauren for walking around with a house on her body.

That is just going to be the 2/3 costumes that I will be wearing this yea - last Saturday I was a Sugar Skull. All that is left is my River Song DIY costume with Jon as the 11th Doctor. :)

I initially was trying for this outfit but for some reason a white peacoat that could pass for this sweater was not going to be in stores around the Fall :(

So I'm going to go for this look instead but instead of a revolver I'm going to stick with the Nerf Gun I purchased for the other outfit.

This is my River Song diary that I got over Etsy. Isn't it CUTE! I love the extra details the seller gave. :)
I'm pretty proud because counting it all up, for three costumes I've only spent around $45: $10 for the Nerf Gun, $15 for the River Song Diary, and about $20 for the Dickie Shorts. That easily beats last year since I had to get lace gloves, my Bieber TShirt, and other things. More pics tomorrow :)

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