Friday, November 9, 2012

331: Life Recap

  • Jon and I went to LA last weekend to visit Regine and Brandon. It was my first time going to LA without any family members with me. I was able to notice differences between the LA and SD. For example: the driving. I've heard a lot about the traffic on the highways of LA, but I didn't know how different the streets would be. Jon had to make some risky turns in order to beat the light, but if he had been careful we would've had to wait another round of lights. Also, I noticed the lack of bike lanes on the side of the street. Here in SD when people are parallel parked, people there is extra space on the streets or the bike lane that people park in. But in LA, the right lane of a street will be apart of the parking and sometimes you'll need to merge in with the left lane to pass over. 
  • We went thrift shopping in La Brea Ave and Santa Monica and I was able to find some affordable items. The selection is definitely better than San Diego. 
  • Saw the Korean Consulate for reference in the case that I'll need to go back to LA if I get the visa part of my application. 
  • the day after LA I almost had a heart attack when I got a notification that I was low on my account. I knew I didn't spend all of my money in LA but it turned out that the FBI was finally processing my paperwork. :CROSS FINGERS: so that will go through and not be stressful. 
  • This week was mostly dedicated to work. Work has been a little stressful lately since we were dealing with the Battle on the Midway, it's rescheduling due to the rain today as we as people requesting refunds for their dissatisfaction with their tickets for the Wooden Classic tickets in the Honda Center. Oy. 
  • Right now I'm sitting in Starbucks trying to catch up with life. In life, I mean the beauty blog, this blog, KAMP, and other responsibilities. 
  • Speaking of the beauty blog. I changed the name to

Until the next time I find the freedom to breathe.

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