Monday, November 12, 2012

334: Veterans Day Observed

  • This past weekend has been a bit stressful and cold. Saturday and Sunday marked the end of two events that have been stressful for me at work; the last Football home game and the Battle On the Midway basketball game. Whew! Work has just been so stressful because of it and I'm glad that they're over. Brought home my Dad a veterans hat from the Air Force game as well.
  • Sunday I spent at Balboa Park for the Save A Life Walk. Michelle and I made shirts that had inside jokes that we had with David. Mine wasn't so much a inside joke, it's just a comment that he made when he saw a video clip of me at IMATS wearing a fedora. 

  • Today I'm at Starbucks with Felix doing some work and then I'm going to visit Lily at her new bakery in National City. 

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