Monday, December 31, 2012

The REAL 366: Reflecting on 2012

  1. Well were just a clusterfuck werent cha. I spent the majority of this year...busy. I've been taking a break from school...kinda...not really...well I'm not taking a full load. Now I'm getting ready for the next stage of my life. Grad School or something else. I guess I suffered my first post grad disappointment by not getting accepted into going into Korea. It was such a headache and it sucked to learn that it wasn't going to happen for me. I'll try another time, maybe after I get my Masters.
  2. I graduated from COLLEGE! The most underwhelming achievement ever. I worked my ass off, taking summer courses every summer even before college even started! Now here I am with a Bachelors that doesn't really amount to much unless I get a Masters. At least I'm working at a Publishing Company because it's remotely close to what I studied. Now college seems so far off to me now. It seems that the long nights in the library studying and not making friends really seem far off but with the residual effects of a socially awkward person. 
  3. WORKING and somehow in some way maintaining three jobs at the very same time. Also realizing that my time with Montezuma is now drawing to a close. 
  4. FITNESS! Learning about my new dietary concerns and my relationship with fitness that is completely on and off. 
  5. I dont know if I'll do another 366 Blog but I just might do a 366 Photo Blog. Or attempt. and do better math at the same time :)
  6. Maybe the Mayans were right about that December 21st marking a new beginning because there has been so many changes going on in not only mine, but my loved ones lives. I'm going to attempt a new adventure that I'm uncomfortable with not to mention working more at Qualcomm Stadium for the Ticket Office. Jon and Rahmaan are graduating. Jon for his Masters and Rahmaan for is BA. Michelle is working on her Masters and some of my other friends are starting new jobs. 
  7. 2013 Resolutions?
  • Save for Graduate School.
  • Okay, you're eating healthier, now get into the habit of working out and incorporating at least 30 minutes of activity.
That's all. Lehgo!

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