Thursday, January 3, 2013

Snapshot of the Day 1-3 and Happiness Boxes

Snapshot Day 1

January 1, 2013: Jon came over on New Years Day and helped me study for my GRE later this month

Snapshot Day 2

January 2, 2013: Brought my brother, sister, and Dad to the SDSU vs. CSU Bakersfield game. Michelle decided to take the photo 394539485702345702384x times. This is me after so many takes.

Snapshot Day 3

January 3, 2013: Point Loma Skyline from the hills of the University of San Diego (USD). Some views are simply breathtaking.

The hall that lead to my GRE Sample Class. This is where in Shinobi the sludge people come out to attack you OR henchmen come out to fight. Take your pick.

Ceiling decorations of privatized institutions. 

  • Took Michelle, Scott, and my Dad to the SDSU vs. CSU Bakersfield game last night.We all had a good time. The benches hurt my butt and I do prefer chairbacks to the benches but we won 72-57 so that's okay. Got some Mexican food for my Mom and that's...pretty much it. Oh and parked in the Faculty Staff Lot :)
  • Went to see Regine at Lestats on Park before she headed back to L.A. Talked a bit more about the interview process for Teach for America and how it will be while in the program. She also got me a purse for XMAS :) 
  • Took a GRE Sample Class at USD. Got the essential lowdown of how the test would be like along with study tips. Feeling a bit better and will probably do some math problems after I'm done blogging. TFA or GRE. oh dear.
  • Started a Happiness Box. It's intentionally supposed to be a jar, but i don't have one so I'm using the box from last years White Elephant from Montezuma. The idea is that you write whatever made you happy and put it in the box. Then you look at it at the end of the year and reflect on the good things that happened. This essentially sounds like a good idea because with all of the stresses that will be coming this year; GRE, applying for Grad Schools, CSETS, applying for TFA, not knowing where I'll be or what I'm doing by July, and not to mention KAMP activities in between all of that. It sounds nice to know that in between all of those hair pulling tasks there are highlights and I feel that I should remember all of those. Especially reflecting on last year, since apparently event wise it feels like there are more downsides to plus sides. 

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