Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snapshots: Two-Three Weeks Worth

1/4/2013:Walking around SDSU doing deliveries. 

1/5/2013: Charging a Sonic Screwdriver wiimote

1/7/2013: Picking Michelle up from the airport 

1/8/2013: I organized the teabags in my desk

1/9/2013 A drawing that my co-worker Patricia made of me

1/10/2013: Crows over the parking lot. Scary, serene, but more scary.

1/11/2013: Keriann as she opens her XMAS and Birthday presents.

1/12/2013: True North with Michelle. Liquid Cocaine shots because as payback since she gets that for everybody else's birthday.
Food Trucks off 30th Street in North Park

Birthday Boy, my camera is blurry but he got a birthday cake.

1/17/2013: Outside Grossmont Shopping Plaza for Restaurant Week and date night with my boyfriend.

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