Monday, January 7, 2013

SOTD: Airports and Pilates

  • I think my Snapshots will be a weekly thing. Seeing how I was unable to do a daily blogpost, I think it might be a better idea to do a weekly photo post. Sneakpeak:

Monday, January 7, 2013: Picking up Michelle from the San Diego International Airport after her trip to AK.
  • I'm freaking sore from the Pilates classes that I've been taking in Little Italy. I've been doing moves that resemble this pose and quite frankly I can't tell if I'm sore from the workout OR if I have terrible posture that is showing it's consequences on my hip joints. I've been sore since Friday, so I'm wondering if after today I'll still be incredibly sore. Today was my break, but I'm really liking that I really got a workout out of this place. I'm thinking of transferring to their College/Mission Valley center when it opens on the 21st. 
  • Realized that one of my good friends is actually 27, several years than what I thought what he really was. I'm a terrible friend. Anywho that lead to figuring out what everybody in the office was and I became quite surprised of the real ages of my co-workers. 

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