Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day Late

He was the type to break hearts
hitting up a girl every other week
confident and dressed sharp
so the next girl’s heart skipped a beat

and there I was his best friend.
one woman clean-up crew
Girls gathered around
wanting to learn more about this you.

Yup he was the homeboy
flirting with the next girl who had interest
with another girl on lock like no others business
He threw down other guys as if there was no time,
but never afraid to step up and protect mine
from those Casanova-types, just like him
just the look of hurt in my eyes
and he’d hit the guy again.

But life got before us
introduction to different plans
skills quickly learned,
we still considered each other friends
we’re living our different lives
beyond the borders of this city
to locations beyond the eye can reach.
Didn’t think that you’d deceive me

Now you tell you had feelings
I didn’t know all along
I’m so entirely amused
I decided to compose this song
of two strange people with no sense of timing
Maybe in a different time and place,
you can possibly come and find me.

To the Day Late Casanova
I bid you adieu
and I congratulate the new girl beside you
But nothing will change the fact
we’ll never know what could’ve happened then
could’ve been lovers, but I’m just glad we just stayed friends.

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