Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meg & Dia: Recommendations

Anybody who knows anything about me probably has a hint that I like a little band called "Meg & Dia". I'm ecstatic that I'll be going to their show at the Epicentre next month. Earlier next month I'll be receiving their new album "It's Always Stormy in Tillamook" in the mail. So passing on the love. Comparing the demos that they posted on their bandcamp page, n retrospect, they have gone from the acoustic, to rock and in between Here, Here and Here and IAST it has an indie to folk kind of feel. Whenever bands change up their music styles, it always takes awhile for their fans to catch on and enjoy their new direction. Same with me. But in my eyes, their lyrics always take me away and make me love them more.

So click. Enjoy.

Eve's Recommendations:
Our Home Is Gone - Nineteen Stars, Timmy, How Much?, Just One of Those Things
Something Real - Roses, Courage Robert, Masterpiece, Setting Up Sunday, Cardigan Weather
Here, Here and Here - Hug Me (Until You Drug Me), Agree to Disagree, Fighting For Nothing

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