Friday, April 6, 2012

97: Friday 5: The Youtube Artist Edition

For my beauty blog I do a Friday Five and I decided, Hey why not for this blog? 
I always think about top fives now. Maybe it's engrained into my psyche like my blog. SOOOO todays random five is a top YouTube artist i.e. an singer/musician/artist who has posted/utilized YouTube as a means to promote their music/singing ability.

1. Dia Frampton (under handle megANDdia)- I've been a huge fan of Dia Frampton for almost ten years. I was introduced to her original band "Meg and Dia" when I was 14 when my brother would not stop playing their music. I started loving their songs as well and I've gone to almost all of the their shows they've played in San Diego within the last five years (aka when I started driving). Dia Frampton started posting videos of herself singing during the time she was in Los Angeles and competing on NBC's The Voice. She would cover artists like Adele, Christina Perry, Postal Service, etc. It felt like Dia Frampton become more personal aside from being from this band that I idolized. That's what's funny about singing talent shows. Even though the runner-ups and other contestants don't win they still get a record deal and I'm glad she's doing fine and touring with her own music AND traveling with Meg & Dia under the rouse of her 'band'.  Check out Dia's Daniel and The Broken Ones and covers Ignition Remix

2. Zee Avi (kokokaina) - The best part about Zee is that she never showed her face. Never. That is...until she was signed. That is when her viewers realized that she was the most adorable thing ever! Now she has two albums under her belt AND she's signed with Jack Johnson's Brushfire Record doesn't that sound like a match made in heaven? She hasn't posted in the past two years but I still appreciate her past work she's posted on her YouTube page whether it be original or a cover. Check out Zee's Someone You Used to Know (depressing but haunting), Bitter Heart, Kantoi, Darling It Aint Easy

3. Daniela Andrade (danielasings) - this almost legal canadian gal has some buttery smooth pipes and I'm not complaining. I'm so glad she won that Ortho TriCyclen contest. She deserved it! :) Check out covers: Everything (Michael Buble), You Got Me (Colbie Callait), Modern Nature (Sandre lurch)
4. Kina Grannis (kinagrannis) - first of all can I just say how adorable Kina is? I love how she makes the effort to write out her thanks on scraps of paper and cardboard and she makes it an effort to open presents in camera so her fans can see she got them PLUS she's successfully traveling the world on tour. Check out Baby (Justin Bieber), The One You Say Goodnight to (original), Someone Else's Heart (Co-Write)
4. KARMIN! (karmincovers) - despite the fact that they just did hip hop covers. Amy was able to keep up with the most prestigious rappers or shall I just say it, Busta Rhymes quick tongue. Established singers and even going to university for the arts they're super cute and I'm glad they got engaged. I've listened to their songs and I love the music they're coming out with. Plus Amy's rhymes aren't too bad either :) Check out Look at me Now (obviously), no scrub, and Brokenhearted (Original)

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