Monday, June 11, 2012

171: Del Mar, Glam Bags, and Beauty Blogging

Jon and I are going to Del Mar tomorrow. My co-worker Robyn let us all in this sweet deal that for the first day of the fair and June 12th, the tickets were going to be $4 each if you purchase it at Albertson's with another purchase. So this morning, Jon quickly went to Albertson's and scored us the tickets since we were planning on going tomorrow anyway. We're going after I get off of work though since my Manager added another day into my schedule.

My parent's are asking me to up my insurance pay since I'm mostly working now. It's a little disconcerting since the majority of my hours will not be coming in until July, but I might have to cancel some of my subscriptions like Jewelmint and myGlam.

My June Glam bag came in the mail and I'm interested in everything in the bag with the exception of the bag. It's terribly glittery and it smells funny. I hate to experiment with the majority of the items tomorrow during the fair but it's okay. :)

Speaking of makeup, I'm trying to get myself back into the makeup blogging grind since I've been out of it when midterms hit back in March. So I'm trying to post at least once to twice a week and maybe get into the photo uploading habit...since I don't upload too often.

I tried to make a First Impressions video of the Glam Bag with my video on iMovie, but it was terrible to place anything right next to my computer since it captured all of the noises. Maybe I'll have to up the Camera purchase soon.

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