Friday, June 29, 2012

188: Total Body Fitness > 7 Hour Nap

  • I have only a matter of minutes before the clock hits midnight which will then mean that  I've missed over three days of blogging.
  • The last several days have been busy. No really, busy. Well...except for today where I went to work, hit the gym, took my first Group Fitness class in Total Body Fitness. Since I was slow and out of beat (embarrassing), I was having trouble 15 minutes into the class. Hopefully I can go again on Tuesday without fail. 
  • Headed home afterwards, and after a cup of my left over Boysenberry yogurt from Yogurtmill from yesterday, I cuddled with Abbey which turned into sleeping for seven hours. Yes, that means I woke up only an hour ago and had dinner. Now my legs and my bum feel like they're melting off and I only hope I can do more intensity training so I can get out of the red zone for Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

187: Eyes, Oil, and Mini Golf...oh my?

  • No work. 
  • Went to my Eye Doctor Appointment and found that I need new glasses.
  • Chilled at home until Rahmaan gave me the green light to come over to his house. 
  • Abbey's getting in the habit of knocking over the trash. Luckily, we have a lock on it now :)
underneath all of that, is rahmaan trying to locate my oil filter
  • Went over to Rahmaan's so he could teach me how to change my oil. We went to Autozone to get a $25 deal for a new filter, plug, oil pan, and oil amongst other things for my car. Unlike Autoport that charges $40 and the place around the corner that charges $25 and you wait for three hours. Since my car was foreign and Rahmaan had to get look for the oil filter and plug in my car, instead of teaching me it turned into helping him locate things. The only thing I did was put the oil in. No manual labor for me yet. I'm probably going to have to purchase bricks or a ramp for my car in the near future as well as a socket wrench so I can truly do it on my own and maan's supervision later. 
  • bought maan sandwiches from Subway as a Thank You. 


  • Maan and I hung out with Cassandra and went to  Boomers in El Cajon, Target, and Yogurt Mill. When we arrived in Boomers, I realized that I had been there before with my friend Denise when we were 9 years old. It's not as put together as the one in Clairemont, but the bathrooms were kind of rank and falling apart. 


  • work.
  • went up to Mira Mesa to meet with Lily at her new place she's sharing with Rhona, Brandon, and Trish. We continued talking about the lesson plans we're developing for the Cultural Enrichment Program at KCS in a couple of weeks. Jon came over in his lunch break to bring us Orange Chicken. :) After several hours, we finished 2 LPs with Veronica Mars and Daria playing in the background or when we hit a brick wall in planning. 
  • when we were done Trish and Jon came over after work and we assembled several tables. Productive day to say the least.

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