Sunday, July 1, 2012

late 190: Party Bus? Party Bus :)

Late post again. I apologize. Didn’t do too much on Saturday except for finally finishing Ally McBeal on Netflix, before I had to get ready for Paul's Birthday to be honest. Slept soundly, a welcomed new aspect of trying to incorporate fitness. I snoozed happily and wasn’t too grumpy or…whatever I am in the morning. Just…whatever I guess. Didn’t really go out to do fitness. But…let’s be honest with this new fitness posting and diary but…I was just trying to do dance moves from HowCast’s Fitness Fun series with Hip Hop Cardio. They uploaded another good amount of moves I was willing to try out. I’m finding that since my thighs and calves are still sore, I don’t want to do more strenuous work with them. Should I just push through despite the increasing soreness of my legs? If a workout is not working when you’re feeling it and you’re sore from the workout the day before is it working then? Around 6pm, I went up to Lily, Trish, Brandon, and Rhona’s new place up in Mira Mesa since we were all going to Paul’s Party Bus. Headed to Albertson’s to buy Jose Cuervo since Paul made it BYOBooze and I bought a plant for the Flanders/New Boy House as another house warming present. (When I went there on Tuesday, I bought some jar grips in case Brandon wasn’t there to open jars for them; Air Fresheners…in case…you know…. ) Besides plants in the home promote longer living so, a mini rose plant would be nice. Trish then texted me letting me know when she was going to get to her house so she could get ready and I could do her makeup. She let me know that she had a blemish so I picked up a concealer for her. It was a little hard since she is darker than me and Drugstores Color ranges pan for the light to fair skin folk. Thus leaving us tanner to darker skins out. Got a Jersey Mike Veggie Sub before I headed over so I wouldn’t be drinking on an empty stomach. Got to house around 8PM and was able to give Trish a quick light smokey eye. Got to Pauls around 9pm. The places we went were Pitchers (bar), Star Bar, and Blue Foot (club). There were other places in between like a liquor store for more…liquor and MXN. Got to there place around 3am. Where I napped on the couch. I’m currently tapping the keys on my computer at 7am where I was prompted automatically awake at 6am =/ There’s also no internet in this place so I’m doing this by Microsoft Word.  Plans for today? I’m currently speculating what I should do until Lily gets here. I want to go run at Lake Miramar and finally find that Coconut Milk Ice cream I’ve been craving. Craving so bad. When she gets here were going to do some more Summer Enrichment Program LPs and…chyeah.  That’s all for the morning. 

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