Sunday, July 1, 2012

Late 189: Priorities/Fitness Diary

**I was typing this last night but I was so tired from that day's workout, I just knocked out. 
  • For everything I'm saving up for, I really need to prioritize what's important. Paying for my new found bills I've been put up to pay for now and Korea/Grad School. A camera and a new purse amongst other things will have to be put on an indefinite hold. I'll have to see how July really goes to see if I can truly go to LA to visit Regine. Trips to LA will be $40 but double that for the trip back, alone to trip will cost $80 through Amtrak and probably $30 through Greyhound. It's hard to feel appreciative of my first world privileges when I have limitations that are making first world living stressful. Cray. Cray. 
  • Super sore from yesterday's Total  Body Fitness class. Mostly in my thighs and my back where I feel it the most. I didn't want to get too lazy so I tried to fit in at least 30 minutes of fitness today after I made a lot of note cards for my CSET. I got 30 minutes on the elliptical since Jon was free after 5pm. Afterwards we went to this awesome place with fresh smoothies and Mediterranean Food. I felt lively after my Green Tea Fruit smoothie with Fat Burner. Tried some hip hop cardio moves from HowCast afterwards since I'm having trouble with the Kick, Cross, Rock, Step but I am liking that 
  • My Mom is getting to me right now since she asked me what was the relevance in KAMP for me. All in all. Basically asking me to stop going. "Why are you spending so many hours there? Is there other people who are there so you can stop going?" Is what she basically said. With as much as it took not to go Katie Kaboom on her, I told her that what I was doing with the Summer Enrichment Program I was developing with Lily, I was creating Lesson Plans and I'm planning on going to Grad School for Educational Leadership. It was really disappointing to hear.

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